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The 2021 Indiana Diet Manual, 10th edition, is designed for use in a variety of foodservice and healthcare practice settings by many care providers. This comprehensive manual covers essential concepts in dietetics and nutrition with reliable, science based information including resources for further information. The Indiana Diet Manual is written and reviewed by expert Registered Dietitian Nutritionists in the field.

Utilize the manual for guidance in meal planning for differing ages, conditions and needs, to aid physicians in prescribing modified diets, and by health care staff to interpret and carry out diet orders. Dietetics practitioners may use it as a general guide for providing nutrition care. A dietitian should be consulted if further information or clarification is needed. Don’t miss out on this informative, cost effective resource for your facility or practice.

The Indiana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Diet Manual Committee reviews and revises the manual every 5 years. Each time an effort is made to include the most current information available at the time of publication. The framework of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Nutrition Care Process are used as the basis for the manual’s organization. The Indiana Diet Manual is available in two formats for your ease of use.

Features of the hard bound Indiana Diet Manual

  • Divided into 5 easy to find sections including:
    • General nutrition assessment of adults and children
    • Principles of Nutrition care, including the 2015 US Dietary Guidelines, and the Choose My Plate Guidelines and diet individualization plans
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • Diet Therapy and Interventions
    • Appendices of supporting information
  • Instantly available, quick reference for all staff

 Features of the online Indiana Diet Manual

  • Manual opens in Adobe Acrobat Reader from any computer
  • For quick access, links to all sections are in “Bookmarks” on the left of the page.
  • Search for specific words or topics using the Adobe Reader Find function.
  • All links are active. Click on any link to go to a website or document.