Cases of Harm

As Indiana Academy was presenting to legislators two years ago, one area where we lacked documentation was documented cases of harm that have occurred here in Indiana. Dietitians know harm happens but we NOW NEED to document every case of harm. These examples will be key to our on going legislative efforts.

This is easier than you would think and in fact, many practitioners see these cases of harm in the course of their normal job responsibilities. If you know of incidents where misleading and potentially harmful health advice or non-evidence based care has been given by unqualified providers, please share. The risk of harm to consumers is real, can be damaging to their health, and can lead to increased health care costs but it MUST BE REPORTED by DIETITIANS. Please consider using the online submission form, sending in your documented cases of harm without patient/client identifiers.

Please review potential cases of harm that illustrate how harm can be financial, physical, nutritional and emotional.

Indiana Academy needs your examples, please consider contributing ASAP and then keep them coming! We need cases of harm that involve all practitioners including dietitians!

If you have any questions, please contact Lorna O’Connell MS RDN LD CD at or 317-500-1421.

Report a Potential Case of Harm