Membership Survey Results

May 2022

What other benefits could IAND offer that you would like to see?
CEU’s/Educational opportunities (n=5)
I feel it is important to network with RD’s but it is difficult to take off for in-person meetings. Ideally, I feel it would be beneficial to video 8-12 topics for the year including one ethical so would easily be able to meet that guideline. We have so many talented RD’s I feel this could showcase that RD for the month and have that video available for credit for a reasonable fee or free to AND/IAND membership.
Lunch and Learn/Journal Club opportunity
More free continuing education opportunities
Local Districts (n=2)
More organization, communication, and CEUs from the local districts.
More local district benefits
Increased in-person options (n=2)
More in person activities
I would like to return to in person meetings. I do not like virtual annual meetings and choose not to attend them.
Networking/Community (n=5)
Better ability to network/connect with local dietitians in area.
Virtual networking opportunities/ chat rooms (?)
More info/networking for RDs interested in private practice
Sense of community in IAND
More networking opportunities
Communication (n=3)
job openings sent out in email form one a month
Perhaps a listserv to communicate with other Indiana RDNs?
Act as a go-to contact for media requests. Partner with different media outlets to help increase accurate nutrition information
Insurance coverage (n=3)
Fighting for Insurance coverage
Getting MNT services covered through all age groups, and expanded diagnosis with all insurances in addition to Medicaid and Medicare
More resources to check state-specific policies and regulations re MNT coverage, writing orders, etc.
Regions vs. Districts (n=2)
The transition to regions sounds like a great idea
Not a fan of regions, would keep the districts
Scholarships (n=2)
More scholarships and funding for members
scholarships for conferences/students in dietetics
Other (n=5)
Tours of local grocery stores or companies that would help us learn about their mission and in turn we promote them
I would like see more partnerships with health systems, employers, and dietetics recruiters.
Market for more young people to become dietitians. Advocate to national AND to make it more supportive, less expectations to continue to stay a registered dietitian. It’s very difficult to work full time , do all required annual CE’s, do all the goals/meet learning objectives (can these be reduced). The AND is making it harder to become and continue to be a registeted dietitian.
I think IAND could advocate and collaborate with colleges to provide more long term dietitians to get their masters degree and make it easier for us to get this degree.
Is there assistance/support for RDs who feel that a co worker is providing nutritional advice/information without a dietitian license? Worker is an RN
No suggestions/IAND is already offering adequate benefits (n=9)
I believe IAND is doing a good job.
I think you all do a great job; thanks to all who give their time.
A number of valuable benefits are currently provided that I hope to keep prioritizing to take advantage of.
Recently became a member after some absence and no suggestions provided
LOVE the virtual conferences! Good Job IAND!!