Board Member Spotlight

October/November 2022

Kate Beard, MA, RDN, CSP, LD – Continuing Education and Poster Chair

First place recipient of the Margaret Dullea Simko Award for Excellence at a Clinical Poster Session at FNCE 2022. This award serves to recognize quality poster sessions at FNCE® and encourage high-quality poster session admissions in the future.

Current position(s) on board and short description of your roles:

Poster & Continuing Education Chair

I am a part of the Annual Meeting Initiative committee that plans the IAND conference in the spring. I review CDR prior approval forms to ensure CEU requirements are met, as well as coordinate peer review of poster submissions for the Annual Meeting.

Current employment:

I work at Riley Hospital for Children as a NICU dietitian and Milk Lab Program Manager. I participate in bedside rounds with the medical team for Level IV NICU patients and help implement evidenced-based best practices in the Milk Labs. It’s a fun and rewarding job to see those little babies grow and be nourished enough to go home with their families!

Reason for serving on IAND board:

Networking! I am in my own tiny niche in the NICU world, and I love meeting all the very talented and inspiring dietitians around the state. I’ve been on the IAND board off and on since 2018 in various roles.

Anything else you would like to share:

I also serve on the executive board for the Pediatric Nutrition DPG of the Academy. I encourage DPG involvement in your specialty area as this is a great way to grow in your field but also get connected with public policy advocates who care about the same issues as you.


September 2022

Student Board Members

Sara Kremitzki – Digital Communications Team

Current school and year:
Indiana State University Senior

Current position on IAND board and what you enjoy most about volunteering for IAND:
I volunteer on the social media team. I have a passion for social media and graphic design, so this team was right up my ally. I love being able to work with IAND on a deeper level as a student.

Your future plans and/or anything else you would like to share:
I plan to work in the clinical setting of dietetics currently, possibly with a specialization in oncology. I am also involved with many other school organizations such as Alpha Chi Omega, Order of Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, and more.

Erin Robison – Digital Communications Team


Current school and year:
Senior at Indiana University Bloomington

Current position on IAND board and what you enjoy most about volunteering for IAND:
I am a Digital Communications Student Volunteer for the Public Initiative Team. My favorite thing about volunteering with IAND is getting to network with people who I look up to in the field of dietetics. There is so much to learn from the wonderful people who volunteer their time and efforts to the Academy. I feel that giving back is very important and want to learn from those that give back to our dietetics community.

Your future plans and/or anything else you would like to share:
As my undergraduate career comes to a close, I want to soak up all of the learning and opportunities I can. Looking forward, I am applying for Coordinated Graduate and Internship programs this year that will be suite my needs and future goals as a dietitian. After schooling, I hope to work in Food Service. But my mind and eyes are open to the many different pathways dietetics could take me.

Molly Silverman – Public Policy Team

Current school and year:
I am a senior at Purdue University

Current position on IAND board and what you enjoy most about volunteering for IAND:
I am the Student Volunteer for the Public Policy Team. What I love about this position is that it has allowed me to form strong connections in the dietetics field.

Your future plans and/or anything else you would like to share:
This next year will be spent applying to internships and Masters programs but I am very excited to see what the future holds!


Emma Sommers – Digital Communications Team

Current school and year:
I am a Junior at Purdue University studying Nutrition/Dietetics and Nutrition, Health, and Fitness.

Current position on IAND board and what you enjoy most about volunteering for IAND:
I am currently a student board member for the Digital Communications team.

Your future plans and/or anything else you would like to share:
I plan on becoming a clinical RD in the next coming years!


August 2022

Katie Shepherd, MS RD, LD, Membership Chair and SEIAND President

Howdy! My name is Katie Shepherd and I am currently serving in two roles for IAND: Membership Chair and President for SEIAND. As the membership chair, I am co-chair with the Indiana delegate and work with supporting the district presidents on current issues surrounding membership and promoting membership and engagement within our state. I also serve in the district president role for Southeast and serve on the IDEA committee. I believe in the importance of networking professionally and having fun doing so. I’m excited for our new IDEA committee and want to learn and grow in this area.  I choose to volunteer so I can give back to the profession that has provided me with so many opportunities throughout the years.

I currently work for the Student Health Center on IU Bloomington’s campus and have been there since 2012. My primary role is clinical and I see students for 1:1 nutrition counseling. I am the Assistant Director for Nutrition Programming and Outreach where I am involved with nutrition campus outreach for the IU Bloomington campus.
One fun fact about me is that I used to be a ballerina and it was IU’s School of Music that brought me to Indiana from Upstate NY. I love all of the  performing arts, trying out a new recipe or restaurant, and traveling with my husband Matt, and our two kids Lawrence and Maggie. This past spring we went on a “Wild West Adventure” to see several of the National Parks in New Mexico and are headed to Wyoming and South Dakota to see Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore in July.

July 2022

Ashley Kim, RD, LD, Council on Professional Issues Chair (CPI-Chair)

I am the Council on Professional Issues (CPI) Chair for the 2022-2023 year.  I am responsible for guiding the IAND annual meeting team to support our constituents in providing continuing education and networking opportunities.

I am currently the Director of Development for the College of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University.  I have been in this role for 3 years having only clinical dietetics experience before.  I became interested in this role because of the impact I can make by supporting higher education through student scholarships, faculty support, and other major gifts to the College.  I meet with Purdue alumni who want to make a life changing gift to Purdue and I serve as the medium in supporting their vision and leaving their legacy at Purdue.

Volunteers are the backbone in not-for-profit organizations such as IAND.  IAND would not be able to continue if it weren’t for people to give of their time and resources such as their expertise and skills.  I believe the field of dietetics has much to offer, not just within our community of dietitians but to the larger community in which we serve.  I want to support and be part of the organization that has given to me in the form of professional leadership opportunities and friendships through networking.  I also want to give back and serve my community, that is one of the reasons I became a dietitian, “I want to help people”.

I’m not currently in a traditional dietetics role but I never stopped being a dietitian.  The desire to help people become the best version of themselves by helping them fuel and take care of their body through nutrition is so important to me.  Helping others achieve this by accepting one another where they are and seeing how we all need nutrition to live healthy lives.  Dietetics is a field that touches every single person equally. 

June 2022

Sarah Wilson, RDN, Strategic Partnership Coordinator

I am the Strategic Partnership Coordinator. In this role, I help connect IAND with companies, organizations, policymakers, and the general public to promote IAND and its members as the “go-to” nutrition experts. I also serve as the Chair of the Public Initiative Team, which works to market and support the valuable services of RDNs through media, community outreach, and strategic partnerships.

I have been the Nutrition Manager at Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana for about 4 ½ years. I work with our entire Gleaners team and network of partners to promote the health and wellness of communities facing food insecurity through increased access to nutritious foods, nutrition education, and collaborations with health care providers.

I find networking with other dietetic professionals to be extremely valuable both personally and professionally. Serving on the IAND board has allowed me to meet so many passionate RDNs who work in a variety of settings throughout the state. I also enjoy the opportunity to promote our profession and lift up the incredible work of RDNs!

If you have ideas on how IAND can collaborate with other groups, organizations, companies, etc. to promote our members’ expertise, please reach out to me at! Also, if you have not added or updated your professional listing in the AND’s “Find a Nutrition Expert” database, I encourage you to do so today! This helps build up our network and connect the public with quality RDN services.